Project Description


In today’s digital world, some behavioural and work habits (organisation of time, task management, email management, constant interruptions, etc.) can lead to brain overload, loss of concentration or mental alertness, irritability and ultimately stress. This workshop enables participants to acknowledge the impact of stress and to reflect upon simple guidelines that will help improve time management and mental energy levels in order to enhance well-being and avoid brain overload.

The impact of the digital era (and certain working habits) on our ability to manage time
How to organise one’s day, working hours and the various work phases that each person must manage?
Self-assessment of one’s own behavioural habits in the workplace – small group interaction
Management Committees, managers, marketing teams, sales teams
Maximum participants

 1 300 € (price excluding tax) including expert speaker and rental of the space (excluding catering)
6-month subscription to My Mental Energy Pro application (50€/person)