Séminaire entreprise atelier thématique

Expert speaker

Marie-Odile Blanc

“Today, I put my skills at the service of companies, students and networks (APM and Germe), to optimize collaborative work. I work with teams on the theme of Motivational Management.”


Create a feed-back culture in your company!
Feedback is not taken for granted among employees. And yet, it has many virtues: it’s a simple and effective communication technique which, when practiced regularly, helps to strengthen relationships, optimize trust and become part of a progress process, bringing efficiency, serenity and productivity.
In a short format – 1/2 day – you’ll learn how to verbalize all types of feedback using fun, differentiated teaching techniques. It will also be an opportunity to strengthen team spirit, by experiencing an emotionally powerful moment…


All corporate audiences


Half Day

Maximum number of people

5 to 25 people


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