The venue

La Bulle welcomes your events from 4 to 35 participants. Our space can either be fully privatised or rented as separate units. A unique setting for your seminars that combines the best in simplicity, conviviality and a dose of good humour! Read on for a guided visit of our feel good venue…


La Bulle is a unique seminar venue composed of 3 different spaces featuring multiple layout options. From the lobby to the lounge, and not least the kitchen area and the mezzanine, our different work and relaxation spaces have many surprises in store to stimulate and inspire your meetings. For total creativity, work efficiency and revitalisation, explore our different settings and stock up on positive energy.

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La Bulle,
a happy place to work differently

Designed as a loft, you can occupy all the rooms of La Bulle to give rhythm to your day. We will accompany you to make your meeting a success and leave with a lot of positive energy.


  • lieu événementiel lyon atypique
  • lieu événementiel lyon atypique
  • lieu événementiel lyon atypique


  • lieu événementiel lyon atypique
  • lieu événementiel lyon atypique
  • lieu séminaire lyon


  • location salle de réunion lyon part dieu
  • location salle de réunion lyon part dieu

La Bulle GREEN,
a greenery bubble at the heart of La Bulle

Feel Good, feel Green !

In the middle of this urban frenzy where everything goes too fast, La Bulle Green offers you an oasis of greenery and serenity. From glass to greenery, from concrete to chlorophyll: nature invites itself to La Bulle, in a new space that gives space to the essential, to plants, to serenity.

  • location salle lyon
  • location salle lyon
  • location salle lyon
  • location salle lyon

The little queen of smoothies, on a bicycle…

What you absolutely must try when you come to La Bulle, is our Smoocyclette! You just have to climb on this Little Queen like no other and pedal to concoct your fruit juices and smoothies.


Collective intelligence can be cultivated !

At La Bulle, we are deeply convinced that well-being in the workplace is a major challenge for the positive development of companies. Space and its layout play a decisive role in the stimulation of creativity and efficiency.

That’s why at La Bulle nothing has been left to chance. Because movement promotes intellectual agility, La Bulle offers you 3 different working environments so that you can experiment with various working postures. Because colour also influences our working practices, each tone has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties:

  • Yellow, for the stimulation of concentration and memory
  • Green, to dispel stress and fatigue
  • Blue, for its calming properties which help to soothe and revitalise the senses
  • Purple, for boosting creativity and inspiration

Because design is not solely a question of aesthetics, our interior designer, Myriam Rigollot, has conceived a unique environment based on the essential factors of open-mindedness, inspiration and imagination.